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Metaventures are player owned and operated shops within the Upland Metaverse. Supported by a robust economic model, they allow metaverse entrepreneurs to shape a new economy and bring life to the “Earn” value of Upland’s pillars: Play. Earn. Connect. Each Metaventure owner will build their own unique brand to create, manufacture, and sell digital assets, act as a broker on behalf of other players, lend in-game assets, and more!

Additionally, through the sub-merchants feature, all Uplanders are now able to list their digital assets in a storefront by partnering with Metaventure shop owners bringing even more opportunities to earn and connect in Upland.

Metaventures are player-owned and operated businesses in the Upland metaverse. Metaventures are a big part of Upland's secondary market.

In Metaventures, players can acquire assets that might otherwise not be available to them. And as a player-run market, prices are up to Metaventure owners, creating opportunities to make a profit or strike a bargain.

As new types of Metaventures emerge, more asset types will be sold. As of today, the inventory in Metaventures may include:

  • Block Explorers
  • Legits (FIFA World Cup, NFLPA, etc.)
  • Structure Ornaments
  • Map assets

Any player can start a Metaventure as long as they meet the requirements. It's a fun way to get more involved in Upland while making UPX or even USD!

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How to Shop Metaventures on Upland

Click on the Magnifying Glass Tool
Tap on "Directory"
Tap on “Shops” to Discover a Variety of Metaventures
Tap "Filter", then "Filter by City" to shop by city

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