Connect and Chat with other Uplanders in Immersive Cafes

In Upland cafes, your 3D avatars can interact with other Uplanders using spatial audio, emotes, and chat.

Each Cafe features a large screen where live streams and pre-recorded videos can be displayed for all players in the Cafe. This will allow you and your fellow Uplanders to watch live streams together in any of the Upland Cafes. For now, each Upland Cafe has a maximum capacity of players and does not require an entry fee.


Events in Cafe's


Cafe Metaventures

In the future, players will have the opportunity to apply for their own Cafe Metaventures. Being a Cafe Metaventure owner will allow players to set an entry fee, customize the interior design, define the content of their 3D experience, and host their own special events. And More! Stay tuned for more updates regarding Cafes!

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