the upland ecosystem

Welcome to the Upland Ecosystem

Welcome to the Upland Ecosystem, where players can discover all of the amazing communities that make Upland special. Together, we are building the most dynamic ecosystem of players, entrepreneurs, creators, developers and brands that benefit from true ownership and guaranteed property rights enabled by blockchain technology in the open metaverse.


Can buy, sell, and trade their digital assets because they own them. They can build communities and have both social and economic immersion.


Can create businesses and property rights assure them that they can run their own business model.


Can create UGC of digital goods and because they own their creations they can use them for themselves or sell them.


Can create experiences with different monetization models, where users transact with their owned assets (NFTs and FTs).


Can create experiences and sell their IP or derivatives of their IP in Upland which are secured by property rights.

While your path in Upland is your own, there are communities that are available to guide you through the experience to learn from others the strategies on how to play, to connect with others and build neighborhoods together, to shop and build your own shops, and to experience and develop new games and resources. The path to building your network in Upland starts here…

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