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Welcome to Upland’s Brand Usage Guidelines, where you can find the specifications and the official downloadable assets to use when promoting your Upland broadcasting channel, Metaventure, service, experience, or game. These guidelines are hereto designed to support the Upland Creator Network (“UCN”), the Upland Developer Network (“UDN”), partners, licensees, and Metaventure Owners, who wish to use the trademarks or service marks ("On Upland") of Inc. ("Upland"). These Guidelines aim to ensure proper and authorized use of the “Upland” name and “On Upland” service marks. Unauthorized or improper use of the service marks may infringe upon trademark rights protected by applicable laws. Nothing in this document should be construed as a transfer of intellectual property rights from Upland to a developer, creator, or any other individual covered under these guidelines.

Please be advised that these brand guidelines are subject to modification or revision at any time, at the sole discretion of Upland, the “brand owner”, without prior notice or consent. It is the responsibility of all stakeholders and users to regularly review and adhere to the most current version of these guidelines to ensure compliance with the brand's standards and requirements. Any reliance on previous versions of these guidelines is expressly discouraged, as the brand owner reserves the right to make changes as deemed necessary. By accessing or using these guidelines, you acknowledge and accept the potential for future updates and modifications.

These guidelines include specifications around:
  1. The usage of service marks for approved applicants of the UCN, UDN, and Metaventures
  2. The usage of service marks and Upland marketing support for approved applicants of the UDN Pro
  3. The usage of service marks beyond the scope of “On Upland” for licensees who wish to use the Upland logo, “Miles,” and any other intellectual property mark owned by Upland.

UCN, UDN, and Metaventure Applicants

Approved applicants of the Upland Creator Network (UCN), Upland Developer Network (UDN), and Metaventures are granted specific guidelines in order to clearly and visually explain that their experience is on, linked to, in association with, or in partnership with Upland. Creators (including brand partners) may include the name “Upland” and use the “On Upland” badge for all digital promotions off of the Upland platform in so long as long as they abide by the usage guidelines set forth in this document. However, Upland requires prior approval to use the “On Upland” badge in any offline promotions (e.g. billboards, signs TV, print, digital advertising).  Formal requests for offline promotions must be approved by the company in writing on a per-use basis.

The name “Upland” must remain as it is originally spelled to describe the association with the company.  Prefixes, hyphenated phrases, suffixes, and multi-word titles that include “Upland “may be used as long as the full name is maintained.  While font choice in partner titles are not restricted, usage of Upland's logos, product names (excluding “UPX” and “Spark”), trademarks, product names, “Miles”, or images of Upland products in marketing, promotional, or advertising materials is prohibited.

In addition to the company name, approved applicants are permitted to use the “On Upland” badge, as long as the terms below and the complete usage guidelines around sizing, color, treatment, etc are followed closely. Besides the  company name and official badge, we do not permit the general use of the Upland logo in any creative or copy. Upland reserves the right to take appropriate action against any improper use of our marks.

In the event of featuring visual representations of the Upland platform in any game, experience, service, Metaventure, or broadcasting channel, it is required that the original game visuals are featured directly from the game itself without manipulation or edit of in-game assets, locations, names, and titles. Caution is suggested around featuring Upland community names and should be visible at the discretion of the user featured.  For games, experiences, and services that aim to represent the Upland platform outside of its original platform (Web, iOS, Android), there should be no change, edit, nor modification of any in-game assets, locations, names, nor titles. Visuals of Upland outside of its original platforms should mirror the exact likeness of the platform as is.

Upland assets, as displayed on the Upland platform (including but not limited to: structures, map assets, cars, Totems, Block Explorers, Legits, structural ornaments, terminals, and anything displayed on the map that is not from an IP-protected Upland partner) can be modified in order to support the function of the experience within the restrictions as outlined in the terms of service. This excludes brand assets such as the Upland logo and Miles.

Any IP-protected asset from a brand or partner in Upland can not be modified, and must be maintained visually in its original state as it is in Upland.

Any item that is created by a user, defined as UGC (user-generated content) or uploaded to the Upland platform, must follow the same guidelines for Upland mark usage as they are outlined here.


Marks that are prohibited for use

  • The Upland Globe and Miles are not permitted for general use on any creative materials or copy.  We do not grant unsolicited requests to use our logos.
  • The use of the Upland name (and any name similar to Upland), badge, logo, and other trademarks including “UPX”, “Miles”, “Miles B. Chain”, “Metaventure”, “Legits”, and “MV Motors” are not permitted on physical products or commercial content and may not be tied to the development, distribution, or sale of any products or services (including, but not limited to, physical products, packaging, retail displays, services, NFTs, film, TV, books, stage shows or amusement parks) with an Upland licensing agreement, or explicit written permission.

    a. Exceptions are made for educational use, with explicit written permission.
  • Education and Research: We will allow the use of the Upland name and trademark for approved “education and research” publications specifically for schools, colleges, universities, and libraries engaged in non-profit instruction and research for education. Formal requests for education and research must be approved by the company in writing.
  • Follow our usage guidelines when using the “Upland” company name and “On Upland” badge. Non-commercial digital uses that follow the guidelines do not require Upland approval.
  • Communicate that you made an experience on Upland by saying “on Upland” in simple text discussing your experience.
  • Seek Upland’s written approval for offline marketing uses of the badge (“logo”), or commercial uses by submitting assets by email to [email protected].
  • Do seek approvals for press releases that mention our name by email to [email protected].
do not
  • Imply official Upland partnership or endorsement.
  • Use the Upland logo; only the “On Upland” badge can be used.
  • Use the Upland name, logos, badge, or any other Upland terms (stated above) in commercial uses including physical products, packaging, retail displays, NFTs, film, TV, or books without authorization or a licensing agreement from Upland. Please note that we do not grant unsolicited requests for commercial use.

Permission and Restrictions

These Guidelines apply to the use of “On Upland” service mark by third-party developers.

Any additional permissions or restrictions may apply based on specific agreements with Upland. In case of conflicts between agreements and these Guidelines, the terms of the agreements prevail.

Nothing in this document is meant to convey a transfer of intellectual property rights from Upland. This arrangement grants a limited-use license, revocable by Upland for any reason and at any time, to individuals qualifying under the above-listed programs.

Proper Use

By using the On Upland service marks, you agree to comply with these Guidelines and any other applicable guidelines or policies set by Upland.

Acknowledge that Upland is the sole owner of the "On Upland" service marks and that you will not challenge Upland's rights or misuse the "On Upland" service marks.

The goodwill derived from using the "On Upland" service marks belongs exclusively to Upland.

Prohibited Use

Unless authorized in a separate agreement with Upland, using Upland's logos, company names, trademarks, service marks, product names, or images of Upland products in marketing, promotional, or advertising materials is prohibited.

Prohibited use includes the use of phonetic or foreign language equivalents, translations, or transliterations of the "On Upland" service marks.

You may not use the "On Upland" service marks as a company or trade name or as part of such names.

The use of "On Upland" service marks as part of product or service names requires express written authorization from Upland.

Domain Names, Social Media, AdWords, and Publication Titles

Prohibit incorporating "On Upland" service marks in domain names, social media account names, profiles, monikers, avatars, handles, Google AdWords, or publication titles without express written authorization from Upland.

Merchandise and Promotional Items

Prohibit using "On Upland" service marks on merchandise or promotional items without a license from Upland, regardless of whether items are sold, given away, or limited to specific groups.

Trade Dress

Prohibit using of, or imitating Upland's trade dress, including web properties, user interfaces, marketing materials, product packaging, fonts, color schemes, and associated imagery.

False or Derogatory Use:

Prohibit using of, or imitating Upland's trade dress, including web properties, user interfaces, marketing materials, product packaging, fonts, color schemes, and associated imagery.

Partner, Certification, and Program Trademarks

Upland may have specific trademarks and badges for approved participants in its programs. Consult your agreement and program guidelines for proper use.

Permissible Uses

Use Upland word marks (not logos) in an informational context to indicate compatibility with Upland.

Upland products, adhering to specific requirements.

Use Upland word marks in educational or informational materials, ensuring they appear less prominently than the program title and are used only in a referential context.

Use Upland word marks on non commercial websites for informational purposes, complying with these Guidelines.

Use Upland word marks in the title of single-issue publications with proper trademark symbols, attribution, and disclaimer statements.

Trademark Symbols

Use the appropriate trademark symbols immediately after the mark in superscript or parentheses.

Follow specific guidelines for trademark symbol usage based on the distribution location of materials.

Trademark Notice and Attribution Statement

All materials displaying Upland Marks must include the following notice and attribution statement: "On Upland® and the Upland logo are trademarks of, Inc. in the United States and/or other countries.