A Whole New Level In the Metaverse Economy is Coming

CARS are coming to the Upland metaverse. Gear up for a massive new transportation system that will introduce vehicle digital assets, real-time travel, racing, and a wealth of new metaventure opportunities.

Players will soon be able to leverage their portfolio of digital asset cars to participate in activities like transporting goods, ridesharing, racing, and much more!

Metaverse Motors ("MV Motors") is Upland's very own car brand that will be introduced with our flagship showroom in Santa Clara, CA.


Cars will be used as a means of transportation both between cities and within cities in Upland. Much like the real world, some cities in Upland will only be accessible via cars.


Players will now be able to connect while they travel together to other cities in Upland. Ridesharing will also support a growing services economy with the ability to transport cargo of any kind within Upland cities.


Racing will be the first fully immersive Unity-based experience in the Upland metaverse,allowing players to compete with each other in both Upland-Sponsored and Player-Generated races. Optimize both your Car and Driver digital asset traits to supercharge performance and dominate the competition.


The Metaverse Motor economy will be powered by the players, allowing them to operate a variety of new Metaventures such as Showrooms (Dealerships), Body Shops, Racing Academies, and more.


Real world car brands and car enthusiasts now have a natural entry point to bring the automotive industry into the metaverse. The rapidly growing digital goods economy is the next step in connecting brands with their communities. A hotbed for Web3 innovation, Upland is the perfect place to extend your presence into the digital world.

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