A players guide to...

Hear ye, hear ye!
The protection of life, liberty and property is at the core of Upland’s values, and we want every Uplander to have a fun and safe frolic in the blur between the real and virtual world. We’ve created this guide to ensure our players have no probllamas in Upland and an all-round kick-ass experience.

If you encounter any issues while playing Upland, please contact the support team through the in-app help option or email
support@upland.me. Any violations of the game rules could result in the permanent suspension of your account.

Without further ado, here is the Uplander’s Guide to Rebuilding The World:  

1 - Keep your eyes peeled and avoid trespassing

Although Upland properties are based on real-world addresses, the virtual properties you own in the game have no bearing or claim on the corresponding real-world address. Upland is a location-based game and so there may be opportunities to collect coin drops in real life using the game’s location-based features; however, players should never trespass on private property or land in order to play. That pizza joint you own in Upland won’t be dishing out a free slice of pepperoni on the production of your virtual property deeds! When it comes to getting out and about playing Upland, we encourage everyone to exercise caution and play safely. Here are some things to consider while you roam:

2 - Respect thy fellow Uplander

It may look like a Pixel Duck, but it’s worth remembering that behind every Avatar is a real-world human. With that in mind, it’s in everyone’s best interest to be respectful to each other, both in the virtual game and while using the location-based features––in case you ever bump into another Uplander at a coin drop for instance. Here are some guidelines for harmonious roaming:

3 - don’t cheat, it makes the baby llamas cry...

Respect the life, liberty and property of others, and don’t deny yourself or someone else an authentic gameplay experience by cheating. Methods of cheating include, but are not limited to:


4 - Keep it clean and avoid inapproproate content

Upland is a game designed for all ages, and content created within the game may be reviewed or removed if it’s inappropriate or illegal. Inappropriate content may include:

We will review reported or flagged player accounts and content to determine whether or not they violate the Terms of Service and/or these guidelines. Accounts found in violation may receive a warning, be suspended, or permanently terminated. Any assets purchased in Upland will always belong to you, regardless of your account status.

This trusty guide should keep you in good stead for your journey through Upland. If you ever find yourself in any llama drama, or have any questions about our guidelines or Terms of Service, please reach out to us at support@upland.me and our team will be on hand to help.

Happy roaming!