June 25, 2024

Unveiling the Genesis Map Assets for Genesis Season!

Title: Unveiling the Genesis Map Assets for Genesis Season!

With Genesis Season well underway, we are thrilled to introduce brand new Genesis Map Assets! These map assets embody the essence of Genesis Season, making them highly sought-after collector’s pieces and exquisite decorations for your properties.

Genesis Map Assets come in two captivating styles: the elegant Blue and rare Gold. Each bundle you purchase will include one of six distinct models, ensuring a unique addition to your collection.

Key Details

Registration Starts: Sunday, June 23rd at 9AM PT
Sale Starts: Monday, June 24th at 9AM PT
Price: 12,000 UPX
Quantity: 450 Bundles available

Don’t miss your chance to own a piece of Genesis Season history. Mark your calendars and be ready to secure your Genesis Map Asset bundle!

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