June 25, 2024

Transitioning to Sparklet

We are excited to announce an important update to Upland! Starting June 25th, all in-game Spark will be displayed as Sparklet. Rest assured, Spark and Sparklet are the same, with Sparklet being one-thousandth of a Spark.

The conversion ratio of 1 Spark to 1,000 Sparklet is straightforward. For example, if you have 2.35 Spark, your balance will now show 2,350 Sparklet.

We will begin this transition from Tuesday, June 25th to Thursday, June 27th*. During this time, Spark utility will be temporarily unavailable, affecting all Spark-related mechanics such as manufacturing, staking, and building. This suspension is necessary to ensure a smooth transition to the Sparklet denomination. This update will also include an upgrade to the Sparklet smart contracts. The process will require an initial maintenance window of approximately 4–6 hours on June 25th.

After the Update, all Spark values will be shown as Sparklet (1 Spark = 1,000 Sparklet). Manufacturing, construction, treasures, and rewards mechanics will resume their normal operations using Sparklet. You won’t need to re-stake, and all statuses from before the migration will be maintained.

*Please note that this timeframe is subject to change based on our technical progress, and we will keep you updated.

Finally, this build release will require a forced update from all users to ensure everyone is using the new Sparklet denomination.

Thank you for your understanding and support as we make this important change. We appreciate your patience and understanding during this transition and look forward to the new Sparklet era in Upland.

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