June 19, 2024

The First Racing Power Ups are Coming to Upland!

We’re thrilled to announce racing power ups launching in Upland! These exciting new additions come in bundles for UPX and will empower racers with a variety of abilities to enhance their racing experience.

In addition to the power ups, we’re also holding a special car saleopen to all players, available directly from the Upland Store. Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to boost your racing game!

What are Power Ups?

Power ups in Upland are legits that racers can consume to gain added benefits during a race. They help determine a player’s overall Max Performance Score, with limitations set for each race. Every power up, except for the Hot Sauce Boost, has three levels of rarity that determine the power of the boost. Here’s a closer look at the power ups available:

Hot Sauce Boost

Gives an additional boost. Need that extra kick? The Hot Sauce Boost propels you forward with an explosive surge, skyrocketing your speed. Perfect for overtaking rivals or making that final dash to the finish line.

Nitro Brake Oil

Improves braking score. Stop on a dime with Nitro Brake Oil! This high-performance blend enhances your braking precision, allowing for tighter turns and more controlled maneuvers. Ideal for tracks that demand the utmost finesse.

Nicotine Handling Gum

Improves handling score. Stick to the track like never before with Nicotine Handling Gum! This chewable charm improves your concentration and the vehicle’s handling, ensuring smoother steering and more responsive movements. Navigate the circuit with confidence and grace.

Nitro Fuel Charge

Improves acceleration score. Ignite your acceleration with Nitro Fuel Charge! This premium fuel mix boosts your acceleration score, propelling you ahead of the pack with blistering speed. Perfect for making quick getaways and maintaining a competitive edge.

Aerodynamic Wax

Improves top speed score. Slip through the wind with Aerodynamic Wax! This sleek formula enhances your vehicle’s top speed, ensuring you glide over the track with unparalleled smoothness. Shine in the race with both performance and appearance!

Energy Drink

Increases duration of each boost. Power up your performance with the Energy Drink! This potent potion extends the zest of your boosts, ensuring that your speed spree lasts just a little bit longer. Perfect for outlasting the competition.

Aeroscent Tree

Increases the top speed factor of each boost. Elevate your racing game with the Aeroscent Tree! This aromatic enhancer boosts your vehicle’s top speed factor.

Power Up Bundle Sale Details

Get ready for an exciting mix of five randomly selected Power Ups in each bundle. Here are the details:

Registration Start: Wednesday, June 19th at 9AM PT
Sale Start: Thursday, June 20th at 9AM PT
Price: $10 & 10,000 UPX
Available: Web & App
Quantity: 1,000 bundles

MV Motors Car Bundle Sale Details

This special bundle contains a unique mix of three Power Ups and one car randomly selected for each bundle. The following cars are available, each coming in a variety of randomly selected colors:

2024 MV Motors Series 1: 60% chance
2024 MV Motors Series 1 E: 30% chance
2024 MV Motors Series 1 R: 10% chance

Registration Start: Wednesday, June 19th at 9AM PT
Sale Start: Thursday, June 20th at 9AM PT
Price: $280
Available: Web Only
Quantity: 200 bundles

We’re excited to take this next step with cars and racing in Upland, marking Upland’s first venture into consumables. Buckle up and join us on this thrilling ride. Let’s go!

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