July 3, 2024

Last Chance to Upgrade Your Totems for Sizzle Season!

We are thrilled to announce the next cycle of totems is arriving for Sizzle Season! As we gear up for this exciting time, we’re offering players one more opportunity to level up your totems with the magical Totem Potions.

These powerful elixirs are designed to upgrade and evolve your totems, making them more efficient and powerful than ever before. But there’s a twist — upgrading your totems requires burning one of your existing totems, and each player can only burn one, so choose wisely!

Upgraded totems are enhanced, boasting improvements in various attributes such as output and frequency. For example, by leveling up, you might upgrade your totem from orange to red, which would increase the interval between feeds for that totem.

Burning a totem will result in an overall upgrade, but it does not guarantee that you will get the same totem back, as some or all of its traits may change.

Items will be burnable within the next 24 hours. Potions purchased in the previous cycle can still be used to gain points, but only if burned during the new burn window.

What Are Totem Potions?

There are two main types of Totem Potions: one required to begin the process and the other to level up your totem. Only one totem per player will be counted, and if a player burns more than one, we will only count the last one burned within the window and prior totems will be lost. This same rule applies to Evolution potions, only the last burned evolution will be counted.

Evolution Potion

This potion is essential for initiating the leveling-up process of your totem, serving as the starting point for its transformation. To begin, you’ll need to burn one of these potionsalong with your totem.

The evolution potion should match the totem you’re burning or you will receive a -20 point penalty on the leaderboard for the mismatch. This penalty only applies to the evolution potion.

Level Up Potion

After you’ve activated your upgrade with the evolution potion, the extent of the upgrade depends on the level potions used. The more points you earn, the higher your totem will be prioritized for an upgrade from a predetermined list of upgrades.

These potions vary based on level, color, and style. To maximize your position on the leaderboard, the color and style of your Level Up Potion should match your totem. Burning these potions earns you points on the Upgrade Leaderboard, which will be updated every few hours once live. The upgrade process is guaranteed, but the outcome is determined by the points you accumulate.

The higher you are on the leaderboard, the better your chances of obtaining the most advanced totem, with upgrades possible in one or more of its traits.

Points System for Upgrades:

Level 1 = 1 point

  • If color matches +2
  • If style matches +2

Total possible: 5 Points

Level 2 = 2 points

  • If color matches +3
  • If style matches +3

Total possible: 8 Points

Level 3 = 3 points

  • If color matches +5
  • If style matches +5

Total possible: 13 Points

Level Up Leaderboard

July 2024 Totem Potions Leaderboard

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Potion Bundles

Three bundles are available for players to purchase to start leveling up their totems.

Registration Opens: Monday, July 1st at 9 AM PT
Sale Start: Tuesday, July 2nd at 9 AM PT

Evolution Bundles

Price: $26.90
Quantity: 500 Available

Includes three items:

  • 50/50 chance of evolution or Level 3 potion
  • 20/80 chance of Level 3 or Level 2 potion
  • 40/60 chance of Level 2 or Level 1 potion

Potions Bundle

Price: $10

Quantity: 650 Available

Includes two items:

  • 20/80 chance of Level 3 or Level 2 potion
  • 30/70 chance of Level 2 or Level 1 potion

Base Bundle

Price: 6,000 UPX
Quantity: 1,000 Available

Includes: Two Level 1 potions

The trading and burn window for this potion cycle will be open for one week, closing on Tuesday, July 9th at 9 AM PT.

New upgraded totems will be distributed to players the following week. Get ready for the next totem cycle for Sizzle Season!!

Prepare to take your totems to the next level with these exciting new potions! Mark your calendars and get ready for a transformative experience. Happy upgrading!

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