July 1, 2024

Get Your Unique Luxury Tower in Upland: Burn Season Passes Now!

We’re thrilled to announce the upcoming launch of our innovative Building Model Blueprint Legits! This new feature will eventually allow players to design their own building model blueprints and sell them, unlocking access to exclusive and unique models. This exciting addition will not only enhance the skyline of Upland but will also contribute to creating distinctive and diverse neighborhoods across the world.

In preparation for this groundbreaking feature, we’re giving away our first building blueprints! These special blueprints will enable players to obtain a unique structure that can be applied to any owned property of their choice, assuming the property is large enough to fit the structure. Once applied, this structure remains an exclusive building option for that property, ensuring its uniqueness and setting it apart from others.

Luxury Tower

The first blueprint available is the Luxury Tower blueprint, symbolizing luxury and prestige in Upland. This exclusive model is perfect for players who want to elevate their properties to new heights of sophistication.

This model will be available in all neighborhoodsexcept for design-themed ones, such as Bermuda.

To get your hands on these coveted blueprints, players need to burn three season passes: Frost, Blossom, and Genesis. Burning a complete set of these passes (one of each) will award you with a model blueprint. The more sets you burn, the more blueprints you’ll earn! The Luxury Tower model will be exclusively available, only through these blueprints.

Burn Requirements: 1 Frost, 1 Blossom, and 1 Genesis season passes
Reward: One model blueprint for every set of three season passes burned

How to Use the Blueprint

Initially, this process will be handled manually, but it will eventually become an automated in-game feature. For now, we will manually assign the blueprints to your chosen property. Each blueprint allows the owner to build the model on one property.

To use the blueprint:

  1. Burn the blueprint.
  2. Submit the details of the property where you want to build the new model using the provided link.

Each blueprint will allow the owner to build the model on 1 property.

Players have until Friday, July 5th at 9 AM PT to burn their season passes. Blueprints will be awarded the following week.

Get Ready to Transform Upland!

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enhance your Upland experience with unique and luxurious structures. Good luck to everyone, and start burning those passes for your chance to own a piece of Upland’s future skyline!

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