April 5, 2024

Exciting News for Upland Players: Spark Weekends Are Back!

Attention, Uplanders! Spark Weekends are making a triumphant return during the vibrant Blossom season. It's that special time again when you can enhance your Upland experience by collecting some precious Spark from the Upland store each weekend.

When Do Spark Weekends Happen?

Starting every Friday morning during the Blossom season at 9 AM PT and concluding on Monday at 9 AM PT, you have the perfect window to immerse yourself in Upland, level up your gameplay, and collect boosted Spark rewards for anyone who levels up! This schedule ensures that your weekends are packed with opportunities to advance in Upland.

The sale offers smaller Spark amounts (0.05 and 0.1) which are conveniently available on both mobile and web platforms. For those looking to purchase larger amounts, the web version of the Upland Store is your go-to destination.

Key Details

Registration: Friday, April 5th, at 8 AM PT.

Sale Starts: Saturday, April 6th, at 9 AM PT.

Unique Structure

And there's more exciting news for Uplanders! This weekend presents a unique limited-time building opportunity. From Friday, April 5th, at 9 AM PT until Monday, April 8th, at 9 AM PT, players have the chance to construct the distinctive Los Angeles Residential Tower. This special event adds an extra layer of excitement to your Upland experience, allowing you to leave a lasting mark on the landscape of Los Angeles within the game. Don't miss this opportunity to expand your real estate portfolio with this unique structure!


So, gear up for an exhilarating ride this Blossom season with Spark Weekends. It's an opportunity to ignite your Upland adventure, boost your holdings, and enjoy the camaraderie of fellow Uplanders. See you in Upland this weekend – let the Spark collection begin!

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